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Roaming while not roaming

  • 10 October 2020
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Why am I getting roaming  charges while not roaming.

I was on the beach in ontario and a good hour away from any border and not only was there no service I get a bill for charges. Other persons phones worked fine I was the only one that looked silly trying to find service.. I have been here multiple times as this is my cottage and last 2 times I receive welcome to USA msgs. I cannot be receiving these. How do I get a refund and stop this sudden area from being “roaming” zone? I cannot have this problem overtime.   

5 replies

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First thing to do is to disable roaming (phone settings)

Second is to manually select koodo as the mobile network and disable ‘automatic network selection’

The explanation for the situation that you encountered is one where the koodo network signal was inadequate (due to maintenance, weather, interference) resulting in the US mobile provider ‘taking over’

Hope that this will help to avoid future similar occurrences.

and how to go about getting a refund? Is there someone to talk to? 

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You can try and contact a koodo official rep, and ask for consideration, by requesting a callback via Koodo Chat                             Type #helpss OR via a Facebook/Tweeter message 

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and how to go about getting a refund? Is there someone to talk to? 

You should contact Koodo customer service by scheduling a callback through Koodo Assist or by sending a message on Facebook Messenger or Twitter. 

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Hi! Thank you for your patience. We managed to credit the usage and you can see the updated balance on 

To avoid the automatic connection in the future please make sure that you keep the roaming data off in your phone’s settings, as well as the carrier mode on manual.