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Roaming in the states with an iPhone?

  • 22 September 2012
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I'm going to Green Bay for 3 days next month and I was looking at the traveling/roaming rates koodo has... I was wondering if anyone with an iPhone can tell me if I can add on the US Roaming Data twice to get double the data MBs? It's $10 for 25 GB I'm worried that won't be sufficient for me as I won't be able to connect to wifi other than at night in my hotel.

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3 replies

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Although I do not have an iphone, I can tell you that the plans cannot be stacked (to get double or tripl the data)
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use wi-fi to save your data, here are some of the green bay wi-fi spots http://www.openwifispots.com/FinderDirectoryCity.aspx?City=Green%20Bay&State=WI
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While the 25 mb isn't a lot you get the prefered roaming rate of $0.40 cents a megabyte as well. When you do the math, 0.40*25=$10! So no matter how much you use you're really getting the same rate the whole time