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Roaming email in airplane mode

  • 10 April 2019
  • 9 replies

I have been in airplane mode since I left Canada and I have just got an email saying I’m roaming Needless to say I don’t want any surprises on my phone bill. Any suggestions?

9 replies

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@Susan Baker There is messaging activity as of yesterday. If you turned on airplane mode today, you should be fine as long as it stays on. Of course you could just use your phone like you do at home with Easy Roam. It's $8 a day.
@Bernard Koodo my phone has been in airplane mode since I left the ground in Canada don’t know how I would have msgd anyone other that imessages
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Did you turn on WiFi after putting airplane mode on?
But I have never turned airplane mode off
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Just carry on as normal with airplane mode otherwise on. You shouldn't get any roaminy charges.
Ok thx
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Have you restarted the device or turned it off and then back on again.

When that happens, during the boot up process some data leakage may occur prior to it going to airplane mode. It wouldnt explain any messaging activity though.
I did restart when I got here but airplane mode was out back on right away. I have only used wifi and I msgs.