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Roaming charges and easy roam bill issue

  • 16 June 2019
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Hi everyone;

I am writing here to hopefully have someone understand my situation and help me out as I have had no luck over the phones;

I was out to Dominican Republic, as I do not usually require the network while on vacation. I ran into a scenario where I had to activate the Roaming to use my phone, so Koodo makes this a bit tricky during setup as they ask you to reply 'ADD' to activate roaming and advertise that you will be paying $8/day in the Usa and $12/day in other countries.

I had replied ADD and i began being charged per MB, so I went online and tried to access self serve to see if there is a way to enable the $12/day plan, while continuing to do this i kept getting charged for data and had to keep accepting as I wanted my phone for emergency as I had left the resort.

I gave up logging in and out of my online self serve account and went back to the texts and realized I had to Reply " TRAVEL" to add the second option of the $12/day. At this point im already $170+ in data usage in just a short time from loading up websites and minor usage.

I am not able to explain my situation to anyone over the phone as some of the english dialect with the south american reps is hard to comprehend, I tried the french line in Canada but he was only reading what the previous rep wrote and just shut down anything i was trying to explain.

Hopefully I can find someone that is willing to understand the cluster i was stuck in regardless if Koodo sends a text message or not briefly explaining direction in 2 different text messages , not all customers are aware of the exact process especially during certain scenarios.

If Koodo could track my usage that day, it is obvious I was trying to log into the website and activate the roaming use but was confused and misunderstood why i was not getting the daily rate of $12/day.

Thank so much;

2 replies

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Where did you see the ADD text? Easyroam requires user to text ROAM to 7626 https://www.koodomobile.com/easyroam

As it is a dispute about the bill/charge, and you have issue with verbal communication, I would suggest you try to send message to their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Koodo. From there you could chat with an agent.
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May not be helpful now but Koodo doesnt charge for data usage to access self serve so even though they will send you a message saying you've used your data and here are options to purchase more, you can continue to use self serve without having to buy extra.