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  • 8 November 2018
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I am currently in USA and do not have roaming as I have a US Cell phone.

I went for a walk and wanted to play music from my Koodo and unfortunately several emails and text messages started to download accidentally.

No warning was given to me.

Hopefully Koodo will not charge me for this?



5 replies

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You have a US cell phone with your Koodo SIM in it? If you've used data with the Koodo SIM, you will definitely get charged.
No SIM just at US Cell Phone....Tracfone.

Did not know streaming of messages etc would start.
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If the phone with your Koodo Sim in it used data while roaming, you'll be charged. It won't matter that you didn't mean to or you didn't know it would.
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Best you can do it speak with a rep asking to have it waived or pay less. No guarantees though since you're ultimately responsible for ensuring you don't accidentally roam.
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Sms received would be free, but Any Data used in the background like email would be charged. Next time make sure data roaming is off in your Settings. Or better yet keep your phone on airplane mode or even take the sim out