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Does Koodo send a text if payment is late? Because they should if they don't. I went away on vaca and thought I paid all my bills before I left and I just today got a text saying my bill was double. If I would of got a text saying it was late it would have been paid right then! I don't forget often but a lil reminder would have been great!!! 🙂

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If your phone was turned off while you were on vacation , you won't be able to receive Koodo notifications, as soon as your device was turned on you received it. If you don't want to experience same hassels just put your account on PAP (Pre-authorized payments through CC, or Debit account).
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Sometimes they do. I think it says something like don't forget to pay your bill. Trouble is when you're outside of Canada, nothing is guaranteed to work. They may have sent it while your phone was off or maybe you're not in the hole enough to trigger a msg.