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Regarding my bill,. Thank u

Hii my name is Raviteja, I am trying to cal u since morning and u kept me on hold for 2 hrs in Mng and 1hr 30 mins in evening, can u plz contact me asap. Thank u

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Wait times aren't optimal right now Ravi, but we can try to help you here. What were you trying to call about?
Regarding my bill because one of ur representative told me there is no value added service for my bill but I got today with service
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I think I see what you're referring to.
Looks like you switched your plan on Friday and tried to get the $55 promo plan. However, with your bill being issued the day before, it seems to have conflicted with the change and charged you $10 for the extra GB of data.

We'll need to look into this with you. Are you able to send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter? We need to validate your personal information to access your account. One of our reps will be able to look into this with you tomorrow.