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Reg Payment update

I paid the Koodo bill from TD bank account, in TD its showing as paid. But its not get updated as paid in Koodo. My last date for the payment is Nov 10th. I paid yesterday.

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If you just paid yesterday then it takes time to update on Self Serve. If you are worried, I would call Koodo and report your payment so they know it is coming. *611 on your koodo cell. It's a free call
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(service provider often advises you to pay your bills 4 to 5 days in advance before the due date to avoid possible disconnection -which is a common practice . it is strongly recommended that as soon as your bill comes out to you , you should pay it . some customer do not understand the flexibility service provider provides by giving you a due date 15 or 20 days later than your bill date.. your bill date is the date you must pay your bill and Should not wait until last day) if you have paid your bill a day before and if you have a payment receipt from your bank you can request a CSR to remove late payment charge . if this is once a blue moon case ..usually CSR ( customer service rep) are only allowed to make one adjustment every 11 month in such scenarios and will advise you to NOT make a every month thing ..paying late is not going to help. CSr may refuse to give your LPC(late payment charges) waived .