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Refurbished phones

i think there should be something that koodo can do if something happens to there phone. My screen on my phone has been smashed after just getting it and there's nothing i can do. would be nice if they had refurbished phone

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Koodo has the bargin bin where you can purchase a refurbished phone. So you can do that online or you can go to a Kiosk and see if they have any refurbished phones for sale.
Hey Lisa have you talked to a customer service rep about your issue and asked if they have discount rates or have you seen if your phone has a warrenty on it to fix the screen or asked how much it would cost to fix it You could also go see a rep at a local koodo store and im sure they can assist you or call a rep 1866 995 6636
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Basically scratches on screens or cracks on phones are not under warranty, Koodo call it customer damage,