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Recurring Bill Payment for Koodo Prepaid for Tangerine MC

  • 5 December 2019
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Is anyone having their Koodo Prepaid monthly top up classified as their bonus 2% Tangerine MC category being processed successfully?

I was only able to receive 0.5% cashback.  Tangerine MC says that the merchant controls the billing category and they have no control.  I assume by automatic top ups from Koodo that it would fall into the ‘recurring billing’ category for the MC/CC.

From various forums, users have mentioned some are getting it and some aren’t.

Anyone from Koodo can clarify this?

thank you


2 replies

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This has been brought up before.


All I can tell you is that on postpaid it is classified as re-occuring.

I also have similar issue with Skip the Dishes there my purchases with them are not classified at restaurants or food


Thanks Dennis. Didn't find that thread previously.