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Reconnecting, Paying, and Great Customer Serivce

I am so pleased with Koodo's customer service. After a family crisis, my bills were being held and not sent to me, so I had fallen behind on payment and my service was cancelled. I called Koodo to get my remaining balance and to hopeful see if I could reconnect my phone. I wasn't on hold long and the three people I talked to were very helpful, clear, and polite. I was able to pay the remaining balance and set up a time to reconnect my service. I was anxious about calling Koodo because of the reviews I've seen on this site, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing customer service. I am excited to reconnect with a company that treats customers right! Thanks, Koodo!

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Far more people like to complain than they like to compliment! You are one of the few yet from what I read koodo just won being the best cell phone company in canada by j.d. power.
Interestingly enough, after I had such a wonderful experience I just had one that changed my whole opinion. After talking to two kind, understanding representatives today, a third came online to tell me that I'd be charged an extra fee in order for my phone to be turned back on. As soon as I started questioning him he started talking over me, being very rude, and condescending. I even tried to explain my family crisis and why things were the way they were and he wouldn't listen and continued to talk over me. I am shocked that Koodo would hire someone as rude and incompetent as this man. I wish I had gotten his name...though I am still tempted to call back and complain to a supervisor. I still value Koodo's service, but this is ridiculous. It really does take one person to ruin it all. Maybe the overwhelming number of negative feedback should have been a warning. Very disappointed.
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Rudeness from our reps has never been tolerated, I appreciate you reaching out to us and telling us about your experiences. I encourage you to call us back and report your experience, we will then be able to determine whether or not additional coaching is necessary.