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reached credit limit balance

I received a message saying "you have almost reached your credit limit.Make a payment today to keep your phone active".Please let me know what to do

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Make a payment. If you exceed your $200 credit limit your phone will be suspended and you will be charged a $35 reconnection fee.
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Hi Benjamin, Timo is right! You'll find a lot of useful info about the Spending Cap program on this link: http://koo.do/OfJpk1. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Thanks for your responses guys. I've pasted below the information I see in my koodo web login page.The fact is I am not able to make a payment - it says 'your account already has a credit balance'. what should i do in this situation?Appreciate your suggestions. To ensure continuous service, we recommend that you pay your Credit Limit Balance in full. Last bill: $91.13 Last payment: -$91.64 Past due balance: $0.00 Current charges: -$0.51 Credit limit balance: $198.78 Total amount: -$0.51 If received by: June 6, 2013 Your account already has a credit balance. We are unable to accept a further payment at this time. -Benjamin
Benjamin, I know what you mean, call customer service. I always would pay by rounding up to the next dollar and get messages. I just ignored it. Now I am on autopay.
How come i had reached the 200$ credit limit...i am paying my monthly bills on time or earlier than the date due..i am not using a data plan.i am using a pay per usage and most of the time not using it because we have internet at home...now they disconnected my number...please any one xan answer why this happened.thnx
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It might be overages on minutes, international calls, or you're using a lot of data and you're not aware of it. Look at page 3 of your bill to find out what's wrong.
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Jonathan I wrote:

It might be overages on minutes, international calls, or you're using a lot of data and you're no...

It may be unbilled charges. It happens quite often to customers who are on the Spending Limit Program.
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Also you can call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 from any phone and ask them why you were disconnected.