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rate plan change problem

my billing cycle ends on the 27th of the month.. I wanted to make a rate plan change and was advised to make the rate plan change on the first day of next billing cycle. So I made the rate plan change on the 28 so it would reflect the next billing cycle or the current billing I was in.. When I received my bill.. I saw I was charged the new rate plan and was billed for the minutes used in the last rate plan . The overage wasn't much.. and I was given the credit for the overage.. but I felt I should have been charge for the old rate plan using the old minutes for the last billng cycle.. so in fact Koodo is charging ahead for billing cycle and your usage for LAST billing cycle.. So no credit for plan.. but charged for usage on old rate plan.. does this make sense? So had I made the rate plan change before the end of the billing cycle I was informed it would have been prorated and not back dated to beginning of billing cycle.. Im not having a good feeling..

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Firstly non of us on here can see your bill. But if I'm reading what you said correctly you should probably call into customer service and it would seem your due for a credit and they could apply that to your account. Billing mistakes happen, one month when I added a feature I was actually charged double for it along with the month in advance. A quick phone call can sort these out.
Jorden.. thanks for your reply.. I called into customer care and they kindly credited me for the overage in usage charges... that usage charge was for the billing cycle up to Aug 27. They charged me for the new calling plan which was suppose be in effect for Aug 28 to sept 27 which I thought I was going to be charged on next bill. But they charged me for usage from July 28 to Aug 27. So I m feeling the old rate plan of 25.00 100 mins plus the overage should have reflected on my current bill.. Not the new rate plan for the current cycle Im in. So when is the best time to make a rate plan change and have the minutes reflect in the current billing? The rep wasn t making it clear.. I didn t think I was being aggressive.. I know a lot of honey can go a long ways.. but I could tell the hair was standing at the back of his neck. And I was grateful to have the overage credited.. but not happy being charged the 40.00 for a rate plan not even used and not the 25.00 plan
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Bonny Keirstead wrote:

Jorden.. thanks for your reply.. I called into customer care and they kindly credited me for the ...

Well, that's very nice of them that they gave you a credit even though there was no error in the billing. Cell companies always charge a month in advance. Standard practice. It's not an extra charge either, although you may have thought it was. Gosh, next time I need to phone I might get your help. 🙂
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You're always billed a month in advance for the plan, so the best day to minimize proration/charges for it is the day before the billing cycle ends (that way you are only charged one day for the new plan on that bill). Your overages always happen the month after you've been billed for that month (as you described). I'm not sure of a way around this system to make the bills appear to line up better.