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Quick-Pay ATM Machine that accepts debit/cash/credit. (Another provider had one of these in their stores)

The idea is simple: I once walked in to one of your competitors stores and there was a Providers own ATM sitting there. You punch in your telephone number and it brings up your account. You can then pay your bill with Interac, Credit or Cash. They only accepted denominations for Cash and the machine did not give change, so you had to give the exact amount or get a credit on your next bill. It would ease up on the load in the Koodo booths. A lot of clients are trying to purchase phones, change their plan or upgrade; while others are looking to pay their bill.. and Koodo only accepts credit at the booth. So a simple suggestion! Slap one of those ATM's next to the booth (Or constructed in the booth, whatever) and you'll be more efficient tenfolds! (Would also probably be a good idea to let these machines pay for Telus accounts as well.. considering you are the same company, it would be a huge advantage for both brands.) Oh and... No problem. Cheers! -Matt

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I'm not sure if you know but you can pay your bills right from the koodo app on your phone. That way you don't even have to drop by a store. Alternatively, pay it through online service they have. The only drawback, none of these take cash, but neither do koodo stores. Other than that it's a good idea.
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If you setup Koodo as a payee in with your bank, you can pay your bill right at any of their ABM or online. That's what I do.