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Question about return fee.

I bought a Galaxy S6 2 days ago, and returned it today after deciding I wanted a 64gb model. As I understand it, as long as I am under 50mb/50txt msg/30 minutes used I won't have any cancellation fees. I checked my usage and i've only used 17mb data and 3 txt messages, but have 63 minutes of calls, however all of the minutes were used during the unlimited weekend and evenings. and usage shows 0 out of 300 used. Will I be charged for the first month?

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Are you going to use the 64gb with Koodo? If yes all you doing is swapping phones so you get a bill regardless but it will include the use with your new phone too. If you decided to go with another cell company you may get the first bill after all you just said you used more than 30 minutes. It doesn't matter when those minutes were used, during free periods or not. It was used more that what they allot for.
There are no cancellation fees. When you're under those limits, you don't pay anything. When you go over any those limits, you only pay for what you used, not the full month.