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Question about pre authorized payments...

if I set up a pre authorized payment via my online chequing/bank account, will it make the payments automatically or can I make the payment when I choose?

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Preauthorized payments will come out automatically on the due date.
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Hi there Eric... It will take the payments automatically every month on the due date, as long as there is an amount due on your account...
ok thanks for the speedy replies Alex and Camilo
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keep on mind that when you set it up the first payment after setting it up has to be done manually, then the second month after setting it up preauthorized payments it will kick in and do it automatically on the specific date and continue to do so from then on.
I would like to know, is it Koodo who withdraw the payment or the bank that make the payment automatically every month? I need Koodo to withdraw the payment every month on due date, would that be possible?