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question about paying bill before month cut off ??

  • 13 January 2013
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got a text saying my bill is like 78 something 'if payed by the 23 of january' does this mean i have to pay it before then or will the next bill add on to it. reason i ask is because the 23 is before my end of the month cut off

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4 replies

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That's the bill for your previous month.... so, after the end of your monthly billing cycle ends, they send you the bill and add some time for you to pay the bill for the last month for. After the 23rd, you may be subject to late fees carried over onto your next bill.
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Yes, you need to pay your bill by the 23rd or you will get charged late fees. My month starts on the 29th and I'm also told to by the 23 of each month.
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If you don't pay by the due date, you have to pay a late fee on top of risking being disconnected and having to pay a $35 reconnection fee.
thanks !