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Question about First Bill

To clarify I activated my Koodo phone on March 21st 55$ plan + 5$ Tab. Proration from March 21-25. After watching the First Bill 101 Video, I had assumed my first bill would arrive April 21 containing my monthly plan + my tab + proration + taxes +any additional charges accrued within the month basically between March 21 to April 21 giving me a time frame to pay my bill afterwards.I have just recieved my bill on koodo self serve stating I owe 79.99 for the time between March 21-25 due on April 21. Now im not disputing the balance, the amount is correct, but what I dont understand is how can I be billed a full month if Koodo is uncertain of the amount of data ill use for that specific month. Will I recieve a bill in April 21st containing the payment for the month of March-April or are we paying in advance with any additional charges only being billed on the following month? Basically what Im asking is if my April bill I recieve on April 21st will be for March 25th to April 21st? or am I paying in advance for my month of April 21st to May 21st with any additional charges accrued within that month only being charged in May. Thanks in advance. I had 3 GB of data and unlimited texts and calls.

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The best thing to do in this case is to call Customer care(*611 from device) to verify. Dont think for a 4 day period a full month would apply. But they will make sure that charges are understood, and they are always super helpful!
Dont I get charged 10$ for contacting customer support? All I want to know is if im paying my first bill in advance for March 21- April 21 or if my next billing on April 21st will be for March 25-April 21 or April 21-May 21.
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Thank God someone else finally understands how cell bills work; I was about to give a canned proration response. The answer is yes, additional charges will be seen on the following month/cycle, but you can see usage in Self Serve before the bill is generated. Also: no, there is no charge to call customer service. You only get charged if the service they are providing (number change within province, changing plan, resetting voicemail password, etc.) can be done yourself in SS. Since you can't really discuss anything about your bill in SS, it's free to inquire about it.
Ok so basically the amount im getting charged for is for my proration between March 21-25 + March 25-April 25th and my bill on April 25th will be for April 25-May 25? Basically im paying my months ahead of time correct?

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JaySpinz wrote:

Ok so basically the amount im getting charged for is for my proration between March 21-25 + March...

Correct. Just like you would a landline or a cable bill
Oh ok! I had assumed that we would be billed after using the month and not the next month. Basically I thought I would be billed on April 25th for my month of March 21-April 25 but im being billed on March 25th to allow my use of March 21st until April 25. And April 25th will be billed for April 25- May 25. Im pretty sure i understand now. Thanks a bunch. Very helpful and rediculously fast response times. 🙂