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Question about $0.75 on the 7th of every month

Every month I have $0.75 in 'data' on the 7th of every month. What is this for? I don't use data on my phone.

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Could it be the provincial 911 fee, Tasmin? What exactly does your statement say? And what province are you in?
Now that I look, there are a few days on my bill that have 0.01 or 0.03 MB of data, even though the data is turned off on my phone (so I'm not sure how data is being used... but anyway...) The $0.75 is probably a minimum charge for a partial MB of data. Thanks!
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I would call Koodo and ask them about this charge. (*611 and option 5, then press 0)
I don't want to pay if I don't use it (even if it's a small amount). 
It's really odds you have extract same amount of data charges every month.

If it was a some kind fee like 911 as Sophia mentioned, then I'm ok to pay :)