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Put more energy into helping customers.

Hello! You guys have been great over the past 5 years that I've been with you. However, my only concern is all the calls I get to have data put on my phone. And when I tell them to call later or another time I get a call back within a half an hour or the same time the next day. Very pushy. I believe it would be better to put the energy into helping customers save money on their bills. Or in my case send $5 more a month and have more services. I've had the $15 a month plan since I began and just used add-ons to what I needed. It seemed the best deal to me. Every once in a while I peek at the plans and add-ons. So last week I was a little annoyed when I looked at the plans and saw that I only had to spend a little more a month to get voice mail, way more minutes and keep the other services I had when they were add-ons. I do very much like the integration of the add-ons into the plans. P.s. I think you should reward your loyal customers (like myself). Something we can all take advantage of now or at our own convenience. Thank you. Happy to now have voice mail, --Angela Roy

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-I believe it would be better to put the energy into helping customers save money on their bills. I think Koodo is doing good job - they have great plans, nice promos,,, But ! If they put those new promos on our bill(Paper and/or Online) as a notification on the front page, every custemer knows what is going on and have chance to concider about your plans. What do you think?
Good idea. I believe that if they are calling to get me signed for data, they can do the same for plans and promos as well.
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It's not reasonable for Koodo to call customers about plans/promo's in the way you want them to. I could probably bet it would be tens of thousands of more customers to "call" and the labour/cost in implementing would have to be covered somehow. Would you want plans to cost even more/offer less? You have to think about it from both sides and not one side. Also, in my opinion, customers should take the time to check the website every so often to see if there are new/better plans to switch to. Plans are always getting better/cheaper/more value as time progresses. I always check the website to see if I can get a better plan and potentially pay less. Koodo is doing an amazing job at offering competitive plans at low prices as well as other incentives like the 10% discount off your bill if you have a positive tab/bring your own phone. Don't just be a customer, be a consumer. My thoughts for the day:)
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If you've been with Koodo since it's inception, then you're likely still enjoying the benefits of per-second billing. Once you upgrade to any of the newer plans you'll forfeit per-second billing for per-minute billing. There's been plenty of controversy over this change and I'm not about to rekindle an age old disagreement, but I am telling it like it is, from one consumer to another. It's the principle of the matter. In the beginning, Koodo came to be a player in this market offering per-second billing and competitive rate plans as a budget oriented carrier. It's loyal customers like yourself that have propelled this company to where it is today. For long standing customers, particularly those that have been around since the beginning, per-second billing should remain - a real show of appreciation from Koodo acknowledging their most loyal customers.