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Promised no connection fee but $40 connection fee charged

  • 18 June 2020
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Weird quirk with new Samsung S10e phone. Attempted to purchase a new Samsung S10e to replace a 4 year old LG phone, also from Koodo. Tried to order the phone online during the week of Feb. 14, 2020 through Koodo website but it was impossible to complete the order. Phone kept coming up “out of stock”.

Go on Koodo chat support and was told that there was definitely stock but after trying over 4 days of ordering online, requested a callback. Rep said that due to COVID-19, BC customers may not be able to order S10e due to blocked shipments from South Korea but he could send me a S10e from Ontario.

The weird part is he said “no connection fee” as we would use the same sim card from the LG phone. the Samsung S10e arrived, plopped in the sim card without needing to go online and phone worked instantly.

Why is there a $40 connection charge??? Koodo website failed to fulfill order due to “COVID-19” shipping glitch.

1 reply

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Do you see the connection fee on your June invoice?


You can view your bill by logging into self serve and downloading the detailed pdf ebill.