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Problems with my new phone

I have an altec phone....but it seems that a lot of local numbers cannot get through on my phone....I can call them from my phone but I cannot receive their calls.....I tried to get Koodo to help me but it seems that they have no reason for this happening..... I was a few days past my 14 days since I was out of the country on the 14th day.... Very disappointed as the ONLY reason for buying a phone is so my children can reach me

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Hi Sylvia, try shutting down the phone and removing the sim card for a few moments then putting it back in and turning the phone on. If that still doesn't work then try don't a factory reset of the device, if that doesn't work i would try getting a different sim card. If it still didn't work contract koodo for technical support.
Thanks... I was at Koodo for help....they removed the SIM CARD and then put a new one in.....same thing happened....then they called their Koodoo tech support and no one could find out the problem....then they suggested the problem was from the cell towers in my hometown...they said it wasn't the SIM card nor the phone itself...,,...( I truly believe they were stumped as to why those four numbers could not go through)....,, I have no choice but to cancel the service now since my children cannot reach me with this phone I had purchased... ( I had been with another carrier for almost 15 years but had heard so much good stuff about Koodo and their service,...unfortunately it didn't work for me.
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Sylvia, try sending the phone out for warranty work. This is indeed a very odd case that I have yet to hear of. Also, can you call a number with caller ID and make sure it's the same number as you believe it is?
They said it would cost me to send it for repair because they don't see it as their issue...... I am going back there again tomorrow.......hopefully someone will help.....I have the phone for a few months now and not even ten texts had been sent and not even 20 minutes air time used ......and I am paying monthly........and yes we have called from my phone......and to my phone from many different numbers,....even a public pay phone call didn't go through......

Shows how much it's been used 😞
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I would call in and not go to the shop, the technical support might be able to better troubleshoot it with you.