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Pro-rated Billing for initial cycle

Hi, I registered a week ago for my Koodo lightweight plan and I was told that the billing cycle ends on June 25th and this bill will be pro-rated ...however, on my account it still says $33. Could someone please advise? Also if there a way to edit my address (the sales rep messed it up...and said I have to edit it on my own through the online portal)? Thanks.

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Hi Angus, Pro-rated billing cycle means if you got a phone in the middle of the month, Koodo will charge you for few days and one month as well. so basically its approx one month and fews days bill. that's what is called as prorated bill. In your case,, if you signed uo with koodo before 25th, koodo will charge you days before 25 and from 24th to 25th so thats basically your every months billing cycle. If you could provide with the date when you signed up I could tell you properly. As for the change of address, goto www.koodomobile.com and register yourself for an online account with koodo and on there you can update your personal info, change plans and so on. Hope this hepls.
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Hi Angus, you'll find more information about your first bill on this link: http://koo.do/firstbill. If your billing cycle ends on the 25th, then the next ones will always be from the 26th till the 25th every month 🙂 You can change your address online via Self Serve, as mentioned by Samridhi. However, you'll have to wait a few days after the billing cycle started as editing the address won't be available right away. Thank you and welcome to Koodo Mobile! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.