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Prizes for Participation

My idea is, that people should be rewarded. I'm not saying that this should be an incredibly magnificent reward but a reward nonetheless. I was thinking that IF and only if a customer has paid their phone bill for.. Lets say... 6 months (half a year) on time, every month and in full payments, then said customer will be given maybe a credit reward? Or a tab reward? Or even a phone upgrade? This is JUST an idea. Some customers are good with bills and some people are not. But for the customers who are truly good koodo customers should get some type of reward once and a while. Something to REALLY say 'thank you' to the customer. That is just my opinion and that is just my idea, and i hope you guys like it!

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I fail to see how this is an "idea". Paying on time and in full is part of the terms we agree with when signing up. It's just the way it's supposed to be. Has paying on time become such a rare occurence that it now needs to be rewarded? Are we about to also reward kids just for showing up in school every day? No offense meant, but as with the other zillion posts like this one, it needs a reality check.