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Pre-Auth Payment+one-time payment

my account is set up to be paid with pre-paid debits. This will automatically come out of my bank account on the 20th of the month. If I pay my current bill today, will I also be charged on the 20th?

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If you just set up pretty authorized payments it won't kick in till next month so you have to pay this month manually and then the premiere authorized payments will begin next month, so don't worry it shouldn't pay the bill twice this month.
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Hi there... The system will always take on your due date whatever amount due you have in the account... so if you pay manually, and the due date comes and the amount doe is 0$, The system will not take anything... But as Paul said, It usually takes a full billing cycle to kick in, so it is recommended to do the first payment manually and then it will be taken from your bank account...