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Pre-auth not accepting my payment type

I have two different Visa's attached to the same account and the pre-auth is not allowing the Visa's to be saved. My account Postal Code/Name is the same. I am at a loss as my pre-paid Koodo account accepts my card no problem. I tried to use the phone prompt with Koodo and the same result.

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Hi there, I see attempts to make a payment earlier, but at that point the account details did not match that of your payment card. I see that you updated your address info., but no payment attempts after that point. Also.. there's not outstanding balance on your account since the account was just created yesterday. Is there a reason you're trying to pay today? Since the changes were just made today, perhaps give it a day or so in case there is a delay until the change are applied. Also, the attempt you made over the phone, was it using #123 and selecting option 3?
Thanks for the Reply Ranjan.

I updated my address info as i did see the town was incorrectly added my the sales rep. 

I am trying to add automatic payments.

I will try again in a few days.

Thanks again.