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Possible to reverse/reduce overage charge?

  • 15 November 2020
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I've never gone over my 500 anywhere minutes before until recently and I'm now faced with an overage charge of $220. I just didn't think to check my usage since I'm never over, but this billing cycle was a different story. Is there a way to contact a rep to see if they can kindly reduce the charge? I've changed my plan now to unlimited minutes but I don't think it'll apply it to the previous billing cycle, unfortunately. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? I went from a bill of 67 a month to now 317$. Boo, so upsetting. 


1 reply

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So upsetting, but it is kinda you responsibility to check your usage regarding to minute if you don’t have an unlimited plan. Maybe Koodo will give you a credit back. You’ll need to schedule a callback using the Koodo's Digital Asistant : http://koodo.ca.ada.support/chat/?language=en for that.