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Possible to pause contract while on roadtrip in another country?

We are on a roadtrip through America probably another month. We dont want to use our phone at the moment, because we don´t want to pay the extra 7$ daily. Is there a chance to pause or freeze our contract? Because it is sad to pay 30$ each per month, even if we dont use our phones.

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Yes, there is a Seasonal Hold plan of $15 per month. Minimum of one month, and you have to select from a current plan at time of your return.
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I don't know what is includes in your plan now, but same $30 in market plan give you only 500 minutes and no data.  Also, the seasonal hold plan cost you $15 anyway, so you only save $15 and have to switch your plan. Is it worth for you to switch? 
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Hey Natalie,

You can put it on seasonal hold but you still have to pay your full bill to the moment you put it on seasonal hold, and reduced after. Although you are going to keep your number you will lose your current plan. Think about it if you have a good plan.

There were no responses when I was writing it but @David and @Mayumi nail it.