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plan/usage issues?

I was at walmart yesterday and bought a new lg g3. So far so good with the phone. I got a text from koodo saying that I have used $10 of extra data but I know that the rep changed my plan to one with data plus set up an alert so if I got to 90% usuage I would get a notice. Looking at my contract I notice he gave me 250 kb of data. It is basically my old 30 plan updated with data at the same cost. Online I noticed the 30 plan has 100MB of data. Already I have used 44MB so I am wondering why the contract says 250kb when there doesnt seem to be a plan with that?

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Hi Christine,

Sounds like an error on the reps part at walmart. I'd give both Koodo and walmart a call to sort out this issue. For the time being it might help to turn off your data until your plan gets sorted out. 
I am not not a technical person when it comes to cell phones. I have the mobile data turned off for right now (love youtube to get step by step instructions) If I use the Wi-Fi I was told that it doesn't cut unto my monthly data. So can I still use the Wi-Fi without encountering more changes till I get this sorted or best not to?
Thanks so much for the quick response. I will head back to Walmart and get the guy to sort this out next weekend as I don't have the time right now.
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Yes,  Wi-fi is the way to go,  Koodo doesn't see any wifi usage .
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Ok I think I see what happened here. 2 things could have happened: 1. The rep accidentally gave you the $30 talk and text plan with 350 mins and no data vs. the one you wanted (200mins/100MB). The 256kb you're seeing may be a buffer for people on that cheap plan who don't want to use data but need MMS and accidentally incur charges when the phone inevitably updates weather, Facebook, in the background (which is apparently being overhauled too). That explains the overage charges. 2. The rep gave you the 200mins/100MB plan, but the system is slow to update and you went over. Are you looking at the built in data counter in the data usage screen or are you using Koodo's self serve counter? Your carrier's data counter is always the correct one.
all I know is that I got a text from Koodo saying I went over.
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Christine wrote:

all I know is that I got a text from Koodo saying I went over.

I understand that, but you should also be checking your usage through the Koodo self serve app. It will help you track how much data you're using. What exactly does your paperwork say? Can you post a screenshot with your personal info blocked? That way we can tell you which plan they put you on, because that's relevant to why they sent you that text.