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  • 14 November 2014
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Dir Sir/Madam: I just signed up kodoo service yesterday afternoon, and I transferred from Rogers. I got a question here, I signed up with the 50/5 750 mins/750mb data monthly plan, when I log into my account on your website, it shows only 125 mins. What's wrong with it? Thanks

3 replies

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It's called proration,

750 minutes à month / 30 days is 25 minutes a day

Your billing cycle will start In 5 days (125/25=5), at that point you'll have your full750 minutes. Your first bill will be for the first 5 days and then for the next 30. It'll be slightly higher then subsequent bills for this reason.

This is done because your service is billed in advance each month and since you just started, you haven't yet paid for the first few days.

It's common among carriers to bill this way.

I hope this makes sense. Ps check out this link explaining your first bill too: http://help.koodomobile.com/help-videos/koodo-101/Your-First-Bill
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