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Plan change & Self Serve Question

Hello, I have recently signed up with KoodoMobile because I wanted to take advantage of 10% discount if I bring my own phone and I have been told by many that Koodo Selfserve is the best. My question is... If I were to change my plan or add add-on, (once per billing cycle I believe), how long does it take for my changes to come in affect? Do it change it and just wait or is there some sort of notification that comes to me? Also, since it does say I can change once per billing cycle, does that mean I can technically change my plan day before cycle and change again day after new cycle? (not that I or anyone would that~).

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Hi there... It will take effect right away...
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The 10% no sim discount won't take effect for 1 full billing cycle. As for you changing your plan you may do so once per billing cycle.
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Also, Koodo's community is the Best 😉