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I recently upgraded to the iPhone SE at Best Buy. They didn't give me the option of upgrading using tab instead of tab plus and so i lost my old plan and im stuck with one over $80, and i was paying $50 before. I see there is a promo $45 for 500 mins and 1 gb data. I would love that plan, and it would total about $66 after the tab charge? Is it possible to switch to this?

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Hey Justin,

Please click on these links for more info about return and exchange: http://koo.do/1MMpFruhttp://koo.do/Jc3k7s.


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Hi Justin,

With the Tab Plus you must have a tab plus plan, therefor the 45$ promo plan will not be an option shall you keep the tab plus. 

Now, you could go return the phone where Best Buy will reverse the tab. At which point you could either buy it again at BestBuy or go to a Koodo retail location. Sometimes retail partners such as Best Buy don't let you pick and choose with the tab. If you get it with the regular tab, you will be able to get the promo plan. However, tomorrow is the last day of it so you will have to act quickly.