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Plan and phone changing

Hello. I will be getting a new plan at work with my same number. My phone is paid for, but I will be giving my phone to my wife as I will be getting a new one. She has $40 left on her tab. Do I have to pay her tab off to do this? Is there a way to make a plan come into effect on a certain day. Say Friday the 1st. Or does it have to be pro rated?

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For your wife, just have her take her SIM and put it in your phone. Nothing to pay off. If you switch plans online it's immediate If you call in the Rep may be able to have it change on a specific date.
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If you port your number out your account will be automatically closed and the TAB balance will be billed on your last bill. Just give the phone to your wife and pop her sim card no it. Her plan will be the and TAB will continue to decrease as it is now.
Great. Thanks for the help!