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Hi there, I have found a way to disable data except for data that allows me to send picture messages on my phone setting. I have picture messaging as part of my plan, but I don't have data which picture messaging needs. I have not been charged on the data that my picture messaging has been using. Am I allowed to do this? Thanks,

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Yes, data for pictures wouldn't be chargeable anyway iT just needed to be on. If you've found a way to just use data for mms, mazel tov.
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Let us know what you did so others can named it too! 🙂
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Chris Petersens wrote:

Let us know what you did so others can named it too! :-)

There's been a method on here developed by the MM's for quite some time. It's no secret. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/sending-receiving-mms-but-no-data-on-plan The OP just prob found it.
Thanks Chad! For each phone its different but for my nexus 5 I changed the APN type to MMS in the settings.