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Phone number to call for assistance?

I have a problem with my bill and can't find a phone number that I can call to correct my problem. Is there a number that I can call for billing management?

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*611 from your Koodo phone or 18669956636 from any other phone. What's the issue, if you don't mind me asking. Maybe one of us here can help
Thank you for letting me know that. The problem is that I was charged for a long distance call even though I have a Canada wide plan. What's weird is that the call I was charged for,is in my own city. I don't understand how it could have been charged as long distance.
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Are you sure it is billed as long distance and not extra airtime? If it is indeed LD, did it happen on the same day as a plan change? If it did, it's still an error, but that's probably why it happened.