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PDF Billing

  • 13 April 2019
  • 8 replies

My account is ready for payment but for some reason I can no longer print my PDF copy of my bill. I'm aware of the paperless lip service answer but I like to have my bills in hard copy for a year. Anybody else having this problem?

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8 replies

Yes I did. I have just got off the phone with my callback. Apparently there is an issue with my particular file. They have indicated this should be fixed by Thursday.

Many thanks to everyone who tried to help me with this matter.
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Instead of using the link in the email you received, have you tried going through your self serve login, and then to the billing section?
Thanks for your reply David. I’ve been trying for a week now.
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There have been a few instances wherevacc s to the PDF bill was not available until a day or so later.
I have tried it in my lap top and my iPad. Neither gives me a PDF option.
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Hmm, its showing for me. Do you have another device you can try to access it on?
The option is not there. I've always been able to download my bills but for some reason when I got the email that my bill was ready and linked to it, I can't get the download. The digital koodo assistant's answer is that they are saving the planet. Geez. I have requested a call back for tomorrow morning so hopefully this is a glitch in the system.

Thanks very much for your response.
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When you clicked on the "Download bill (PDF)" in your self serve? , what would happen? Was there any specific error?