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Payment declined but it says I payed on self serve?

  • 21 July 2019
  • 2 replies

I have pre-auth payment set up and my bill came in but my bank account was empty so I went into negative balance, I added more money to get out of a negative balance but I got an email saying my payment was declined, but I didn't receive my money back and self serve still says I owe money, but it says below that I've already payed the due amount on July 12?


2 replies

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Call 611, does it say you have a balance owing or doing it say it is paid?

I would give it a day or two and check to see wether it still says paid or not. If you're really worried about it as well you could contact koodo and see wether it's actually been processed or not.
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@Pingeee Payment has never gone through as you said due to insufficient funds. What you see online is that an attempt was made to take money out of your account. It was unsuccessful and was backed out. There is still an outstanding balance due. You should try to make a one time payment.