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Payment by authorization

  • 30 November 2015
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Hi Koodo! I have an idea that would make my life easier (and I'm sure a lot of users would adopt it!) it is in regards to payment. The user has the option to make it automatic on their credit card, however I do not personally want to use this option in case something happens with my card or in case I want to pay a few days later (being in default of payment affects credit and this is a concern). I also have an account with two lines and only want to pay for one at a time. Therefore I am obliged to come to the site and enter my credit card information and amount by hand, almost having to calculate the correct amount by myself (as tax is not included in the amounts - a few months ago I had to download the bill everytime, so good job on changing that). The card usually doesnt change nor does the amount, just the time I wish to pay it. My idea is: it would be awesome to get an email from Koodo saying "do you allow x amount to be paid on your card ending in xxxx". You would just click yes, and BOOM, payment done, time saved, no worries because you can click it whenever you want (specific transaction number assigned so you cant click yes twice by mistake). If you want to use another card, click no, it brings you to the site and you can enter your new card info. Privacy would still be good as you would have to log in to the self serve site before the transaction is accepted, and the full card number isnt shown, just xxxxxxxxlast4digits like what is already being used when your payment is confirmed. What do you think? If you want more ideas like this, I'm a young professional with a business degree. *Wink* Marilyne

2 replies

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Now this is some quality content.
Well done
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Indeed! I love the idea Marilyne! I will definitely see how doable it is. Thanks for the recco!