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paying with money order?

if i pay my bill by sending a money order, and it takesss 2 weeks to process, if i call koodo and give them the confirmation number to prove the payment is in process will this stop anymore late charges from being added to my next bill?

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If you're talking about Money orders through: Western union money will take 2 days to reach Koodo, Money mart 5 days These are 2 companies that Koodo deals with!
Ok, thanks alot
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If you do not want your account to be suspended or you simply need more time to pay your bill, you can always contact the Payment Management Department and they will protect your account from suspension, also if you already paid and you want to report that payment, you can also do it... About late payment charges, they will be added to your account if the payment is not posted before the billing cycle closes...
Please keep in mind that Payment Management will protect your account for a certain length of time - if your payment does not post to your account in that time (or if it is a lesser amount than you said), they will probably not protect your account in the future.