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Paying the bill in another country (for foreigners)

Heloo, i was in Canada last month, but i can't pay my bill, they didn't accept my credit card because isn't canadian, i try to go on a bank but they said that i must have an account for pay bills and i was in a koodoo shop but they didn't accept money just credit cards '-'. Now i im Brazil and i want to know how i can pay my bill, i should just forget this because maybe i never come back to Canada but i want to pay the same way... Someone know how i can do this?

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You could try paying : With a prepaid credit card, with the exception of Ideal Choice and Vanilla prepaid credit cards. Some companies may charge a transaction fee. Please contact the prepaid credit card issuer directly for details. OR At any Western Union http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/billing-and-payment-options/how-can-i-pay-my-bill
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What Robert Said xD