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Paying my bill with VISA debit

I need to pay with my VISA Debit but the online system is not accepting it. I have tried to reach customer service for the past week. I have been trying to pay my bill for the past 3 months. My mobile plan has been disabled on my phone so I can't even make phone calls. My account will close tomorrow and I will be charged even more. No one is picking up to help me pay with my debit card.

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Since it's a debit card, why didnt you pay via online banking?

At thins point you will need to speak with someone from koodo to process payment plus you need to let them know you want to be reconnected which will incur a further reconnection fee
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Try contacting them via FB @www.m.me/Koodo
Okay, this is about the umpteenth time I have attempted to register and/or top up my account with my Visa Debit. Says it is rejected by my financial institution, but I have contacted them and its all good (works everywhere else on the net as well).

My bank address information matched my account information and is entered according to what my bank has....whats the problem Koodo?