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paying my bill

  • 31 October 2020
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I have tried to pay my bill twice online this month and I keep getting an error. Can someone contact me for payment? There’s no phone number on the contact page to pay. 

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6 replies

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What's the error you get? What payment method are you using?

In the meanwhile you can pay via online banking by adding Koodo as a payée. All you need is your account number.

It just says an error has occurred.. I am using the website and paying via credit card

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Have you tried another device?

Tried from 2 different computers and my phone. I did what you suggested and paid through my bank, so hoping it goes through. Thanks!

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Might take some time before it shows up on your account. Around 3-5 business days so don’t worry if you don’t see it automatically get updated. 

Also, you can try and pay through the phone with your CC. Keep that in mind for next time. 

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Are you able to set up preauthorized payments with your credit card or was the error from a one time payment attempt?