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Paying Bill - international visitor

How can I pay my bill when I don't have a Canadian card or bank account?
I have tried two international cards and neither work, nor is Koodo able to authorize them without a remittance slip which I don't have as my cards are VISA debit cards. 

My partner has offered to pay for me but even his Canadian card is not accepted. Can he pay for it using his online banking? Or would this not be accepted as the payer doesn't match the name on the account? 

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If your partner set up online banking - Koodo as Payee - then s/he can do it.
Your partner need your account number to set it up.
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Hey Miranda! Mayumi is right, your partner can set up payments through this online banking account! You can also take a look at all of the payment methods we accept here -> http://koo.do/Joixyw  (includes prepaid credit cards and western union payments). Hope this helps!