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Pay off an old balance

I used to have an account with Koodo but switched providers. Apparently I had owed a small amount when I switched but was never made aware of it! It's been almost 3 years lol. I just want to know who I get in touch with to pay off what I owe so it doesn't affect my credit. Loved being with Koodo, always great service, but my work had plans through another provider. Thanks!

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I think it's gone to collections at this point... but if you want to follow up with Koodo I would give them a call at *611 or 1-866-995-6636.
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With that time frame, you would most likely need to get in touch with a collection agency if one was appointed to your account. If you are unaware of such details, call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 and an agent can pull up the old account and see what is going on as to the amount owed, who you have to pay to, etc.
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Hi Tyler... if it has been that long, probably the account was already referred to a Collection Agency, if it the amount is not very significant, then probably it was not referred to a collection agency but still may affect the credit... Best to do is, call Customer Service, have handy your old telephone number you had with Koodo and ready to answer some personal information if you don't remember the PIN on the account, then Customer Service will tell you the status of the account, amount owing and whether it was referred or not so you can arrange to pay the balance.... What seems weird is that after all this time you have not received any letters or calls from collections... Maybe is because your personal info changed, like address, number, etc...
You should definately contact Koodo customer service, the depending on the amount , your account is either at Koodo (usually if it s less than 50$) or to a collection agency to which Koodo will give you the contact number if it s more than 50$, but again, depending on the amount, unfortunately there s a good chance your credit was already affected
Thanks everyone! The amount is only 32 dollars, but never received mail at my parents place, or my new place. Will call Koodo and get it all sorted, thanks again!
just something concerning your credit , if you pay your invoice to the new company in time with no delay and no exceeding to your limit with them , you credit will never effect .