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Pay Koodo bill from a Western Union agency in Brazil.

Hi ! I am brazilian, I just came back from a vacation in Canada and I am trying to pay my Koodo bill from Brazil, because I don't have a Canadian credit card ou bank account. I am trying to pay my bill through a Western Union agency in Brazil, and they told me that I need the following information from Koodo to transfer the money from my bank account to Koodo's account: In voice Bank name Address Swift code Beneficiary Can you please help me ? I am getting crazy trying to pay this bill !

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Yeah.....that's gonna be tough. You likely have to call koodo to get that info. Just out of curiosity if you were only here for a short vacation why did you get a monthly account as opposed a prepaid one? You wouldn't have a bill now.
You don't need that much information. When you go to Western Union, tell them you want to pay a bill (Quick Collect), NOT send money. You need your Koodo account number.