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Pausing my koodo account when I am out of Canada for extended period.

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If I move to another country for one year, is there a way to pause my koodo account while I'm gone?

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You can put it on vacation disconnect for a maximum of 6 months, where you are switched to a $10 a month plan. After six months you are required to switch back to an in market plan. Your best bet may be to cancel your account and re-sign up when you get back to Canada. If you're number is too important to you there isn't really any other options.
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But if I cancel the account, will I incur cancellation or other charges?
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Hey Sherry, on your final bill, you would see the outstanding tab balance & any additional usage during the final billing cycle. If you don't have either of these, then you won't need to worry about them. I do recommend reviewing your final bill to ensure all is correct.

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Thanks to both you very much - one final question - If I bring the phone with me to the UK will I be able to use a SIMS card to access their phone services, or will my phone be locked?
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Sherry, if your number is important to you DON'T CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT. Port your number to either a cheap VOIP option or Speakout from 7-11, which allows you to keep your account (and thus your number) active for 365 days for as little as $25 plus tax (speakout SIM costs 10 bucks). So basically, you can keep your number alive for 365 days for $35 plus tax. Pretty good deal. You likely have a locked phone (if you got it from Koodo, it will be almost certainly be locked unless it's a Nexus). You will have to get it unlocked to use it in the UK, but make sure that your phone is compatible with the carrier you plan on using in the UK. Then, when you arrive back in Canada, port your number back to any carrier and plan of your choosing.