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Paid overdue bill that went to collections. How long until service is restored?

I'm not sure if this is right place to ask, but my account (rather, my kids' account) came into arrears and ended up at collections because they overused texting/over their minutes per month. I agreed to a settlement proposal and paid this settlement amount (approx. $70 less than my last bill). I see it shows that the payment was made today, September 9th. I asked the man at the collection agency how long he figured until my service was up and running again and he said a few days. I am also not allowed to view my Koodo tab to see how much is left owing on their phones. Has anyone experienced this and how long did it actually take before your service was restored?

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If the account actually went to collections, then it's been closed off entirely and service will not be restored. You'll have to start over again.
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Are you sure it was collections and not just a Koodo rep you were talking to? Jonathan is right though, if it was sent to collections, that account is already closed and regardless of whether it was paid off, it's a huge hit to your credit score. If it was a Koodo rep and your account was just temporarily suspended for non-payment, the rep should have been able to restore the service right away (which makes me think more that it really was collections)
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Once koodo has received the payment you'll need to contact the account management department. They'll review your information and decide if they're able to offer you service again.