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Overpaid my bill?

  • 10 August 2013
  • 5 replies

Basically I went to pay my bill through online banking through my chequing account and did so. Then I had noticed that I was signed up for preauthorized payments through my CC, which I had not known. I will opt out of that tomorrow, but I wanted to know if the overpayment will just apply to my next bill? Thanks

5 replies

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You are correct. If the Due date of your current bill has already passed the payment would of came out of your credit card already. Any payment you make through online banking will be applied to your balance as a credit for your next months bill.
Well, they charged my CC on the 3rd of August when my bill was due on the 6th. Why did they charge me early then?
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Log on to self serve and check the last recorded payment. Only a manual payment with this credit card would have been made. If there is still a dispute I would contact your credit card company to verify your transactions.
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Either way you are fine. If you overpaid, that means you won't have to pay next month. So, it's not a big deal at all.
yes they wont refund you it will sit till next bill and take off I did it too as well. duh meeeee