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Overcharged on bill

  • 27 April 2020
  • 4 replies

As per my contract, I have unlimited nationwide minutes. For the month of April I was charged for each minute of every call I made and my bill is over $600 (659.07). There was no notice of a change or contact from Koodo and I cannot reach any customer service representative.  Please assist in this matter.

4 replies

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Did you change your plan recently from limited minutes to unlimited minutes?

Did you check you PDF E-bill? Is there any international/US calls?

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In self serve, when you see your usage, does it say unlimited in the pie charts?

Same for me. Although it wasn’t for all the minutes. The thing is: HOW DO YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH KOODO TO SOLVE THIS! The famous KOODO ASSIST can’t help you with that. I guess there some things that need human interaction. If anyone can assit, really apprecite. 

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You can request a callback through Koodo assist, or send a private message through Facebook, or a DM through Twitter.