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Overcharged for first month of service

  • 21 February 2021
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It looks like I’ve been overcharged or charged twice for my first billing cycle.

When I go to view my current bill, it shows that I’ve been charged for both the new phone number (ending in 1970), and my old phone number (ending in 6379) which I immediately changed back to when I received the phone. The only bill I should have received was for the 6379 phone number, as this is the only one I’ve used. I’ve attached an image showing the overall bill.

And when I go to the billing breakdown for the number ending in 1970 it looks like I’ve also been double charged for two tab payments, as well as the tab payment on the phone number ending in 6379. I’ve also attached a screenshot of this.

The entire bill is such a mess but I’ve clearly been overcharged for something, and the chat bot has been no help whatsoever. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for how to get this fixed.

Total bill
Charge for incorrect phone number, ending in 1970
Charge for correct phone number, ending in 6379


3 replies

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The snapshot is a summary and it doesn’t contain all information. I would suggest you check the PDF bill for more information of the breakdown. Normally the page 3 or 4 of the PDF bill have much better information.

They activated a temporary number on your account before you ported the other number in. They should have credited back to you the amount. However, there should be 1,2 days of the service on that temporary number.

Thanks for the reply, that helps!

It seems like I was charged for the amount on the temporary number (which I didn’t use at all). From the looks of it, I was charged a partial amount on the temporary number, credited that amount, and then had that same amount charged onto the number I ported in? Very confusing.

There’s also two tab charges attached to the temporary number, alongside the tab charge on the ported number. Really confusing, overall! Hopefully a rep sees this post and can look into it, otherwise I guess I’ll just schedule a callback.

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Yes, they charged and credited back.

Regarding the Tab charge: your first bill normally spans 2 billing periods. one is a partial month, another is a full month. So in the first bill, normally there are 2 tab amounts. However, check your due date, the due date isn’t now, it should be 20-25 days from the bill date.

I would check your total Tab amount. If they calculated that 2 Tab amounts were deducted from the total Tab amount, then it is normal.